Loving Brother Paul Olivera Tries To Create Rebeca Olivera Memorial Scholarship At FGCU

Rebeca Olivera Memorial Scholarship logo

The Logo of Rebeca Olivera Memorial Scholarship (Radiate Like a Sunflower)

The Rebeca Olivera Scholarship is in memory of an awesome student here at FGCU. She passed away last year due to an accident in her home in Mexico. Rebeca was loved by everyone at FGCU. She was very involved on campus and simply radiated positivity towards everyone that she met. Involvement and service were something dear to her heart.

Rebeca was a resident Assistant, a member of the Phi Mu Fraternity, an Orientation Leader, very involved with international services, apart of Student Government, The Multicultural, and Leadership Development office, and lastly Dance Marathon. Most people would be overwhelmed but Rebeca embraced each position and grew from them.

Rebeca and Paul Olivera (Radiate Like a Sunflower)

Rebeca and Paul Olivera (Radiate Like a Sunflower)

 “Reason For Scholarship”

The Olivera family wants to impact other people’s lives the same way Rebeca did through this scholarship. Rebeca earned a Bachelors degree in environmental engineering. Her love for the environment is what empowered her to choose this path. Helping her beloved town in Mexico was her ultimate goal. Rebeca wanted to help create clean water for her community in Mexico.

The Rebeca Olivera Scholarship would be aimed to help an FGCU student that is struggling financially. To make this scholarship permanently at FGCU, Paul and his family needs to raise $15000 by November 15, 2016. This date is Rebeca’s birthday and means a lot to the family.

“Paul’s Mission”


Orientation Leader Paul Olivera poses with his students (THE DUCKS!!)

Changing lives should not be seasonal but an all year ordeal. Paul Olivera is constantly making moves to impact the student body at FGCU. He serves as university outreach chair for Student Government. Community service chair for Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, LEAD Team, Rotaract Club and Chi Alpha. A passion for service is something that he shares with his sister.

Paul has been doing everything in his power to make Rebeca’s Scholarship possible. He wasted no time contacting various organisation on campus day in and day out. Paul makes it his point of duty to always help others and spreading joy with a smile.

“What Can You Do?”

To help make the Rebeca Olivera Memorial Scholarship possible

Donate to Radiate Like a Sunflower Or purchase a Rebeca Memorial T-Shirt

For more information contact

Paul Olivera Email: polivera6323@eagle.fgcu.edu